Having worn many vocational masks such as lawyer, teacher and public servant, I have now settled into the guise of freelance writer, speaker, marriage celebrant and quiz mistress.

I am currently a member of Friendly Street Poets, including serving on the board, and a board member of Acorn Productions.

Writing credits include:

* After the Race (two poems)

*Co-editor “Sorcerers and Soothsayers”

*Writer “Movers and Shakers”

*Short-listed for HQ/Varuna Short Story Competition

This blog is a frolick through the world of middle aged dating, since people in their 40s and 50s seem to be doing most of the dating these days. It is also the story of my own personal growth. May it continue!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there

    I was reading your blog post about being the other woman and being dumped. I found it interesting but hugely relatable. I was dumped recently but did not know I was the other woman until after the fact. I’d like to know how you moved forward, but also whether a man can have feelings for the other woman. I am also annoyed he initiated things with me by claiming he was single.

    1. Hi mel…thanks for the comment, and sorry to hear about your situation. You know the more I trek around this world (metaphorically speaking), the more I come to the conclusion that most of us are polyamorous to one extent or another. I think this society puts too much emphasis on monogamy and monamory. No one would suggest that you can only love one child with all your heart. Any of us who have had more than one know that the heart expands to fill the children available to it. Why should it not also be so for lovers?
      I have no doubt this man loves/ed you, in that he felt something he would call love. But there is another nebulous concept. What I call love, someone else might call lust or fondness etc etc. But he enjoyed having his cake and eating it too.
      And as for moving forward? I got on with living and with looking after those other parts of my life, and have gone on dating, as my blog attests. But I still have “feelings” for him and I would still drop every other man for him…at this stage.
      Shalom and blessings.

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  3. Hi middleagedlove and still surviving well.

    I think what we are discussing here is honesty, nothing more, / nothing less. But honesty when set in romance or sexual love, and all the rules that go with this seems to be a fickle thing. Poor Mel in the blog above who says she was dumped because she WAS the other woman and she didn’t even know it! Dishonesty, pure and simple. But here now we find ourselves discussing the monogamy of people, of perhaps more in particularly of ‘men.’

    Actually I think monogamy here has nothing to do with it. Well sort off! For in the setting of the world cultures regarding marriage, sexual relations etc, as set down by a myriad of institutions that basically say, “hey mate, you can’t sleep with two or more people at the same time,” he knows fully what the rules are, so the poor bugger engages in lies. Well he’s not a poor bugger, still he had other choices, and he choose the dishonest one.

    And my point here is, there are so many issues that people relate to ‘two timers,’ / to infidelity that are not relevant, and yet are relevant, depending how you begin to look at the issue, from the perspective of all the norms, or from the perspective of what is right.

    It seems we live in a society not just hypocritical on how to fill out the tax form etc, but how to relate sexually with one another. In this setting is born sites like, Ashley Madison, and more importantly, all the myriad of philosophies that kind of add up to say, well if he or she’s is not giving it in the bedroom, then maybe this is the only choice. Hardly true in any shape or form for the Ashley Madison site is dedicated to cheating, to deliberately being dishonest, and the more people see through to this point, the sooner all our hypocrisies in sexual relations will begin to clear.

    Love your site midelagedlove, great honesty. Lovely poetry. Your a great person.

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