The Smart Woman and Sex: An Uneasy Alliance.

Being an intelligent woman on the dating scene is no simple task. Men approach with caution. Or become unpleasantly competitive. Or just build up resentments. Even those that, in the beginning, were all “gung-ho” for the brainy chick sitting across the dinner table from them.

It’s easy enough to dismiss these men as clearly not being adequate partner material. But the endless stream of such encounters does wear on one after a while.

And this dynamic becomes even more convoluted when sex gets involved.

You see, a woman who loves sex, and who loves intellectual pursuits, has a difficult time finding a man to match her. For some, one or other of these passions doesn’t have to be present in a partner. But for me, and I suspect, many women, they are both non-negotiable.

Once in a while, I connect with a gentleman who I would describe as “thinking woman’s crumpet.” Let joy be unconfined!

…but wait…

Too often the joy is short-lived.

I get myself  in a tizzy when a gorgeous, sexy man tells me he reads (real books, at that!), and likes Danish films, and has a Masters degree in history and a subscription to the opera. So in my excitement, the sensual side of me comes to the fore, often without my even being conscious of it.  Nine times out of ten, that signals the end of any swapping of grey matter, and it all becomes about sex. And what does that do to me? Sad to say , dear reader, but it very quickly bores me. My lovely man puts aside the very things that attracted me in the first place and just presents me with his cock. Now nice as that might be, I can get them anywhere, seemingly any time. I, like most average, available women, can get sex pretty much on demand. And I am certainly a woman who has rarely been interested in sex for its own sake. I am no man’s scratching post.

When a man talks to me…really talks….I can become highly aroused. A brainy man can bed me with little resistance.
But once it all becomes about the fucking, I lose interest rapidly.

Am I just difficult? Do I need therapy? Am I too demanding? Will I ever find the man who can sustain both elements of attraction?

I just want some honey on my crumpet.


3 thoughts on “The Smart Woman and Sex: An Uneasy Alliance.

  1. It happened to me . I was very attracted to a man who was sophisticated , polished , read all kinds of books and even wrote two . At the beginning he used to talk with me about many things and personal one and then slowly he was just interested in sex nothing more . Who wants to have sex with someone who is only interested I you during the act plus it leaves you with a bad feeling afterwards even when the sex is great ( GREAT )
    Too bad

    1. Thanks for that comment N H. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think that’s the heart of the matter: that once they seem to be only interested in sex, they could be having that with ANYONE. It no longer feels as though what they’re interested in is sex with YOU.

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