NaPoWriMo: Friday the 13th



Jason in Friday the 13th

On Friday night, I was involved in a spoken word gig revolving around the Friday 13th franchise.
I’ve never watched one of those films, and horror is one cinematic genre which leaves me totally cold.
So, after some research about the plot of these movies (using the term “plot” loosely!), I contemplated what I would write.
Chatting to an equally bemused friend about this, he asked the right question: “What is the foundation of this story?”. I responded remarkably quickly with “revenge”. It is about revenge got out of hand. And this naturally lead me to think of The Oresteia. The only, surviving, tragic trilogy from the Ancient Greek period, also deals with the issue of mortal revenge gone rampant.
In the final play, the eumenides have to come in and wrest control of the justice-system, out of the hands of silly mortals.
So, here is Friday the 13th, as written by Aeschylus.

Friday the 13th

Harken ye! Harken ye all

To this tragic tale

Of untimely death of youths

Too soon brought low

And drowned in sacred waters of Crystal Lake


In times long past, children of Athens

Sought to make camp in forest dark

There to frolic, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Artemis,

Or any virgin-mortal.


O gods forgive the counsellors, who

Undone by Dionysian revels

And libations numerous

Let Jason slip into the sacred waters

There to drown


And from this cursed moment

for many long years

The thirsty dust has echoed not with

Sounds of youths at play

Yet rather with the plashing steady stream

Of bloodly gore,

flung from axes sharp and arrows swift


Hail ye, all hail!
The Furies cry out for wrathful Pamela

Who pledged to seek earthly recompense

For loss of beauteous Jason

Rides in  upon the back of a she-wolf, crying vengeance

Her mother-heart lead her down

To the waters crystal clear

Whereupon she set bold to slake maternal blood-thirst

Slaughtered she many

With animal-fervour

On the shore of that wretched lake.


Hail ye all hail Alice Hardy

Spurred on by Zeus, who

Taking up hallowed axe

Makes sacrifice of Pamela

Sending her, unceremonious

To earth below


Oh wise Fates!

How your people cry out for help

This retribution soon will route the land of Athena

If you do not intervene.


Yet hail ye, all hail to Jessica

Goddess-maid, with reverence and mystical dagger

See her set upon Jason

Snatching his mortal life once again

From behind the hockey mask of Apollo

And leading him down to Hades


Hearken now to the footsteps of Ginny

In guise of Pamela, there to confuse Jason

And feed the fires of this wondrous trope

Yet even final girl cannot outrun the molten lava

Of righteous retribution


Oh will this curse never lift? Will the home of Pan

Never be rid of foul vengeance?
Will this dark, primeval lair ever-more ring out

With cries for mercy?

Come Eumenides, you who watch over mortal man

Come and appease the restless souls of Camp Crystal

And make for this franchise

A final chamber of rest





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