NaPoWriMo: Shelter

Well it’s taken ten days for me to get behind with this write-a-poem-a-day thingie.
Not bad, considering some of my past efforts (or lack thereof!).
So here is a little something I prepared earlier.
Actually…I just wrote it then, to be perfectly honest…


You come to me with open arms

Seeking shelter from your own world-view

Long putrefied by disappointments and ennui


You lean into me with eager lips

Making sounds which only speak of

Your anxious attempts to take control


You move towards me with stars in your eyes

Gazing at me as if I were Saint Peter

And my bed the pearly gates


You come crawling to me with shaking hands

Seeking orgasmic absolution for your sin-life.

From the goddess of your understanding


You prostrate yourself before me

Bringing me dead vulnerabilities

And laying them at my feet


Yet still, you believe

That you’re doing me a favour.







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