Mothers and sons. NaPoWriMo2016


I love The Odyssey. And one aspect of that work which I find fascinating is the complex relationship between Penelope and Telemachus. I think many a mother-of-a-son can relate to these two. In turns judgmental, loving, respectful and abusive, it is a relationship forged in the heat of crisis.

My relationship with my son is also complex, as most of the best relationships are. It is, and always has been, quite different to my relationship with my daughter. No more nor less passionate: just different.

This is an older piece, which I have dusted off.

Sending love out to all the mothers.


I sometimes wonder about Penelope.

Whether all those years of pining for Odysseus.

Giving the suitors short-shrift.

Weaving that shroud.

Gathering her women around .

Were all really

In the end

About keeping Telemachus close.



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