30 poems. Another day. God’s feedback sheets.

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Today I was talking to a friend about the training I have been doing. I told her I felt fairly good about the work, but I was really forgetful about collecting feedback sheets after each session. She then challenged me to write today’s poem about feedback sheets.

And that is exactly what I have done.



Were you generally satisfied with this life?

 Strongly agree

Did the outcomes match your expectations?

Strongly disagree

Please rate your overall satisfaction with the following:

Venue: comfortable, but somewhat dirty and untidy

Catering: generally excellent, although too much mouldy stuff in fridge

Facilitator: unpredictable. Expectations of participants too high.

General structure of life: erratic

Length of life: could have been a little longer

Life content: sometimes difficult to follow. Much of content in the early part was not useful.

Would you recommend this life to your friends?

Strongly agree

Any other comments?

I felt as though the useful part of learning only came together after about 45 years. Fellow participants were not always well chosen and therefore there were problems with group dynamics. I leave this life feeling as though I should have learnt more. If given the opportunity, I would like to retake the course, although I am not sure if that is possible.







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