30 poems. Today’s effort. No Strings Attached.

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One of the most meaningless terms used on dating profiles is “no strings attached fun”. It’s an impossibility (unless you’re paying for it). Whenever two people get naked together, there are always strings. And I’m not talking about bondage-lite.

Sex, by its nature, releases more than just bodily tension. It is fraught and confronting. It preys on our vulnerabilities and insecurities.

What I find, nearly every day, is men who declare that all they want is sex, when really, they want so much more, but do not have the emotional skills to look at themselves.


I meet them for coffee

and watch them drop spoonfuls of pain

into cups of misery.

I listen attentively to the delusions,

gently guide them back to reality.

I meet them for sex

and assist their unraveling.

I hold the frightened boys,

soothing their fear of mortality and impotence.

I reassure them that there is

more to life than this.

I counsel them and send them back to their wives.

I stave off the dark night with lingerie and quips.

They leave me sated, calm and anaesthetized.

They leave me dissatisfied, edgy and numb.

They leave me.




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