30 poems. Day whatever. The dreaded list poem.

th (3)

I’m very dry today (must get that seen to…!!) so have decided to descend to  the poets’ equivalent of “sending in the night-watchman”. A list poem.

I have nothing to offer except my apologies.

*slinks off into a corner*


Hearing my children screaming while they play wii

Starting a new book

Knowing that Woody Allen is, as I type, shooting another film

Wishing to live long enough to see Tony Abbott ousted.

Cooking another Greg Malouf dish

Waking up to the radio and fresh coffee

Not knowing what work I will be doing next week

All those half-finished knitting projects

The desire to learn how to use that over-locker one day

Joining in a hilarious thread on Facebook

Listening to my chickens cluck through the back door

Drinking with a girlfriend and laughing till we pee

Discovering that, at my age, I can still try a new sexual position

Eating a really good beef vindaloo

Watching the Wallabies stand-off against the Hukkah

Saying “hello” to my neighbours

Getting  a random hug from someone else’s child

Singing along to old Dean Martin songs

Feeling, everyday,

Good, bad, hideous, joyful

Just that little bit more


To whatever it is

That put me here in the first place.




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