30 poems: day somethingorother….a tribute to Marquez


Vale Marquez
Vale Marquez

Today, the world lost one of its great writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I’ve read a few of his novels and adored them all, but the one that spoke the most to me was “Love in the Time of Cholera”.


Today’s poem is a homage to Marquez, and in particular to that novel.

Rest in peace, wonderful man.



How I yearn to be a quarantined lover

Wrapped in the arms of the man who has,

In his own way,

remained a virgin for my sake.

How I long to have my emotional virginity taken

over and over, on a river.

All I want is to drift, up and down.

To pull over at night

and watch the sun set over my baggage.

To know that death is closing in

and nothing more need be done.

All I desire is to feel my youthful foolishness


To sail into the jungle

With my wrinkles, my grey hairs, my stretch marks,

adored and worshipped.

To raise the cholera flag

and just be.






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