30 Poems Day 13: Rugby Ghazal.

Christian Leali'fano
Christian Leali’fano

A friend of mine challenged me to write a poem about football. Although I don’t mind watching football (AFL or soccer), I am much more of a rugby gal. And I love my Wallabies.

In hunting around for a form to try, I came across the ghazal, which I had only every heard of as a sung form in India. I like the idea of a series of couplets that are connected, but can also stand alone.

So I have written a ghazal for the Wallabies.

It could be set to music and become the club song…

And my Uncle Fred could stick his wooden leg up his arse  and say “How’s that for a toffee apple” but it’s unlikely….


An evening bright, lit by neon

A sporting fight, about to begin


Tattooed sons of Wanganui stand proud

As we face the fact that it is death.


They shall play this in heaven, too

St Peter will be the touch-judge


Eight hundred kilos of genius

Bearing down as they touch, pause and engage.


My yearning pulls me out of my seat

I scream as if I were being eviscerated


Onwards they drive, never wavering

Surging forward for the try


As Leali’fano converts, again

My heart rejoices in the knowledge


The silver cup will come home once more

And the power and the glory shall be ours






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