30 Poems: Day Three. Facebook Poem.


Alas, gentle reader, you will no doubt be surprised to learn that I spend many hours of my day on Facebook when I should be doing my needlework or brushing up on my Latin grammar.

So in order to justify my propensity for drivveling on social media, I have cut and pasted bits from my statuses/stati (shoulda done that Latin…) from 2014. Even the title is an old status. Nothing has been added, except the odd capital. Like Antananarivo. That’s an odd capital…

The resultant mess is presented for your delectation.


Questioning some of the choices…

I’ve got my PhD thesis: Sense of Entitlement in the Common Domestic Fowl.

This is fabulous. I think a bit of wee came out…

Welcome to the Beverley hillbillies!!

Sucks not to be me!

The show from the flies…

Me watching the action. Being watched from the flies!

When a guy sees the photo of you standing next to a 50s Chevvy and says “was it old Holden day”, you know he is not the man for you…

On a needle he was crucified. May he now find some peace.

There but for the grace of God go any of us”.

Men with perfectly normal penises being apologetic about size.

Oh yes..yes ..YES!!!

Twice in one day. I’m tragic

One of my ideas of bliss!!! 

I’ve never actually drunk camel-piss, but I imagine it tastes something like Harris Columbian Blend.


I’m such a wild, indulgent, woman.

How does this happen????

Because I want to.

Do you think it was something I ate when i was pregnant???

Happy valentines to all my lovers past, present and putative…

Only problem is that once you’re put in that category, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever be promoted to anything else…sigh

Don’t mind if I do…

And just to add insult to injury, as I type this, “Rambling Man” is playing on the wireless…shit.

GAZINGA!!! I knew it…

*bursts into hysterical tears*

Life is good.

This is great news. 




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