Poetry Month Winners. And loving the addict.


Congratulations to the winners of my poetry-book draw.

The Chandra goes to “Dibbizo”.

The Genet goes to Alexandra j cornwell.

I will be contacting both these lovely peeps in the next day or so to arrange to send them their books.

UPDATE ON MY LOVE-LIFE (such as it is…)

I recently spent three weeks dating an alcoholic. I KNOW. I KNOW…

Although I was well aware that an addict is, ipso facto, not emotionally available, and is also really fucking difficult to deal with, I enjoyed his company and his body and found him quite charming. A charming alcoholic??? Who would have thunk…

After three weeks he dumped me. Predictably. Of course since then he has done the odd “bombing” as we 12 steppers call it. I have had to stand back, try not to engage, and to see that his addiction is in control, and not him. So I hereby, publicly, release him with love. Or at least fondness.

This is my farewell poem for him.



I look into those beautiful eyes

Those eyes that dare not look upon themselves.

Caress the body you despise.

Engage with the heart and soul that

eats itself.

I sit with you and listen to

that which you do not say

I watch you squirm, and deflect and fidget.

Until I take you to bed and sink into your peace.

Your verbal tics play a haunting melody upon which

I can hang my atonal ramblings.

When you enter me your emptiness

fills me.

Yet you have banished me.

And now I am empty, self-despising, fidgety.

Fitting punishment for a woman who has always been

too much.


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