30 Poems: Day Thirty


Well it’s time for the grand (or not so grand) finale. The photo above is the lovely couple I married on Saturday. Nothing to do with poetry in general, although one poem I wrote was about being a celebrant. I’ve posted it mainly because it’s the most recent photo I have of myself.

Thank to my readers and fellow poets for being a part of this wonderful exercise. It will be interesting to see how much of the energy I carry with me in the coming months.

This final of 30 poems needs no explanation.




Dedicated to Mike Hopkins, Roxy Contin, Carolyn Cordon and Jennifer Liston


I’ve spent the month of April writing verse

Romantic, funny, crap and just plain terse.

I tried a villanelle

But the sestina can go to hell

And a haiku? I can think of nothing worse.


I tried a terza rima (that was fun)

I wrote about my daughter and my son

I wrote about some lovers

And our antics ‘neath the covers

Now erotic poems I have a ton.


I’ve tried to be amusing in my way

And give some food for thought on every day

Bananas got a spot

Tuna sandwich did not

I might save that one up to write in May.


Sometimes I’ve rhymed but mostly I’ve been free

I try to structure, but basically that’s not me

I’ve been a statistician

And a proximate musician

I’ve avoided sunsets, mermaids and the sea.


I thought of doing one about my rat

But artistically that’s just not where I’m at

I bashed out two self-pitties

And a sonnet to my titties

But I missed out on an ode to next door’s cat


This month has made me write and write and write

And although at times it felt like shite

I’m really very glad

Two or three weren’t bad

And I’ve garnered heaps more followers to my site!!







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