30 Poems: Day Twenty-five


Today I have been affected by two boys: one my son, who turned 16, and the other a grown man, who is emotionally still 16 due to addiction. I got thinking about the differences and surprising similarities, of the emotional mine-field around each of these male energies.

The Terza Rima form seemed perfect for reflecting how my mind was flicking between one and the other.

This is a form I would like to explore more once the month is over.


I enclose him with love,

I keep it cool

Handle him with a glove

Follow the rule

Keep him from harm

 Let him be the fool

Turn on the charm

Let him be free

Have him sleep in my arm

Separate him from me

Bring him in close

Give him the key

Don’t sing too loud

Don’t criticize

Don’t be too proud

Always empathize

Love without condition

Don’t sympathize

Accept his contrition

Don’t enable

Support his mission

Do not label

Embrace the day

Sit at his table

Always stay

Fuck off and go


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