30 Poems: Day Twenty-Four


Today, amongst other things, I was helping to organize a forum on sex and disability. This opened my eyes to  some of the problems, joys and surprises, inherent in sex and relationships, for people with a disability.

Although today’s poem is “about” sex and disability, it is more universal than that. The title uses two Latin words, both chosen for their flexibility of meaning. “Consortium” means “close connection, partnership, participation”. It is also used in the legal field to mean “sexual relations” as in the term “loss of consortium”. “Claudum” means “crippled, lame etc”, but it also means “imperfect, defective” and “wavering, uncertain”. Aren’t we all imperfect and defective? And when it comes to love, sex and consortium, aren’t we all wavering and uncertain?

So this piece speaks to everyone, differently abled or not, of the uncertainty we all feel of our attractiveness and our right to love, touch and sexual expression.


Touch me.

Run hands over my paralysed legs.

Kiss my blind eyes.

Nibble my deaf ears.

The carapace I wear is not impenetrable.

The inner layer of my being is waiting.

Quivering. Tumescent. Open.

Talk dirty to me.

Cuff my twisted hands and tie me with

silken rope.

Do not let my immobility

paralyse you.

My skin still yearns and tingles.

My cunt still gets wet.

My cock still gets hard.

My fantasies are not held-down.

I bring with me pleasures fresh

adventurous, ecstatic.

A soul twisted into new and exciting shapes.

A heart alive with heightened senses.

Do not handle me.

Touch me.


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