30 Poems: Day Twenty


Today I celebrate my frailty and exquisite humanness. In other words, I AM LATE. This is yesterday’s.

Interesting that I felt quite odd yesterday, not getting my poem up in time. This writing every day is becoming a habit. Hmmmm….could this be a lesson for life??


50% of women like me have a 25% chance of falling for

85% of the men like him,

with a 70% chance of heart-ache (allowing for local conditions)

and a 35% chance of attempting to kill him

(with a 23% chance of success).

Weighing up the 1 in 4 chance I have of

not enabling, alongside the 1 in 3 chance I have of

going bonkers,

gives me a 41% chance of deciding, 87% of the time,

that it’s not worth 91% of my effort.

With a 90% chance of making my heart sing,

but only a 38% chance of making my soul sing,

I am 52% sure that this is not a good idea,

but only 47% sure that I want to walk away.

Should I do a Richo, and just crunch the numbers?

Dare I take heed of the polls?

Or should I, perhaps, hand over the leadership,

and let the people decide?


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