30 Poems: Day eleven


I am feeling very tired tonight. But I have committed to 30 poems in 30 days. So, despite my righteous fatigue, which would normally give me carte blanche to crash, I have had to find another notebook and tidy up a fragment to present.

It didn’t kill me, it hasn’t taken very long, and I can now crash feeling even MORE righteous!

This exercise is teaching me many things, especially how piss-weak are most of my excuses for not writing.


My life has been refilled, with a sense of understanding

Hitherto lost in the morass

Of carnal pursuits.

In toilets, cars, beds, and the cesspool

of my own mind.

A gentle, yet firm, conviction

in heart and head

of his essential decency and beauty.

No longer riding on a wave of lustful panic,

I find myself calmly floating

Still looking into the depths

But not plunging.

Not yet.

And feel that when I do;

When the time is right;

Instead of slamming straight into the jaws

of a voracious Great White,

I may be lifted to safety

by a dolphin.


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