30 days..I’ve lost count…I’m way behind…my life is in crisis!

17 Apr

Lumo Energy. We hold you to ransom.

Lumo Energy. We hold you to ransom.

Just to add to my, already, rich and diverse life, Lumo Energy decided to disconnect my electricity, because I hadn’t paid them “enough”.

So I returned from the airport at 7 pm last night, having worked intrastate all day, to find my house in darkness…

The power was only returned at 4pm today, and at considerable cost.



So here is a grumpy triolet, dedicated to the fine folk at Lumo No energy.



 They cut me off with little care

 My house was all bereft

 I sat in dark and freezing air

 they cut me off without a care

 I couldn’t even wash my hair

 I slept in an alternative lair

 they cut me off without a care

My house was all bereft



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2 responses to “30 days..I’ve lost count…I’m way behind…my life is in crisis!

  1. Sunflower

    April 18, 2014 at 1:29 am

    Love this!!!! I mean, I don’t love that your power was cut off, but the poem is great! ;)

  2. Dominic

    November 29, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Yer I know what you mean middleagedlove! I get a similar feeling when I’m cut off Oasis. Perhaps it’s all too easy for people and organisations to think they understand everything, or the actual experience on the other side. They, (the electricity company) could have rung you and said, “well what’s up, what’s the story.” Instead they just cut you off. Or on Oasis they could express what it is they are unhappy about and wait for an answer, instead of just cutting you off. It’s a fast world these days, no time to say, hello / goodbye, just a click sometimes. And the abstraction of the click can hurt and leave you feeling powerless in both cases. And yes, I agree with you middleagedlove, it can leave you feeling “bereft.” So unnecessary. Like your poem middleagedlove.


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